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The NXT Armadillo Back Support is a multi-adjustable postural back with a three-section modular shell with back cushion.

The Armadillo is designed to adjust to fit the particular contour of the user's spine and to accommodate users with Kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.


  • Adjustable shell for Kyphosis applications.
  • Adjustable for Lordosis or Bariatric applications.
  • Optional lateral contour add-on.
  • SmartGEL™ infused Visco technology.
  • Head support and Lateral supports.
  • QuickFIt™ mounting system.
  • Adaptable bottom plate offers pelvic support at the PSIS.
  • Six different sizes.
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NXT Armadillo

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Part Numbers:

Width: 14" - Back Height: 16" - NMAPSB1416

Width: 16" - Back Height: 16" - NMAPSB1616

Width: 18" - Back Height: 18" - NMAPSB1818

Width: 20" - Back Height: 18" - NMAPSB2018

Width: 22" - Back Height: 18" - NMAPSB2218

Width: 24" - Back Height: 18" - NMAPSB2418



The Armadillo is designed to adjust to fit the particular contour of the user's spine and to accommodate users with Kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs. Unlike other backrests, the installation hardware comes included, meaning the price you pay gives you everything you need to fit the Armadillo to all manner of wheelchairs - the QuickFit™ mounting system lets you quickly and effortlessly adjust while your client is in the chair.


The Armadillo Back Support comes in six different sizes, which fit wheelchair widths from 14" up to 24" and wheelchair heights from 16" to 20", plus up to 60° of backrest adjustment for great flexibility for any wheelchair application.


Offers Unprecedented Comfort and Durability

Unlike two-dimensional fabrics, smartx3D uses a three-layer technology that includes two separate fabrics joined by a monofilament yarn that creates a breathable channel between the two fabrics. It is this channel that gives smartx3D its 3D structure and creating a "micro-climate" between layers. Heat and vapour move easily through the highly permeable fabric layer. Smartx3D naturally offers a four-way stretch which provides enhanced immersion, aiding in pressure redistribution. Soft, breathable, and with moisture-wicking properties, smartx3D offers the ultimate in comfort.


  • Spill resistant and durable.
  • Antimicrobial capabilities are built into the fabric and will not wash out.
  • Improves immersion/ envelopment.
  • Reduces shear.
  • 4 way stretch with 100% recovery.
  • 20 times more air permeable than standard fabrics.


The 3D construction enhances the fabric's breathability, which in turn dissipates heat, keeping the wheelchair user cooler and dry.



The combination of NXT's smartx3D fabric and smartGEL foam provides the ultimate in comfort and support in our NXT Seating products. The smartGEL foam offers a hight IFD (Indent Deflection and Density), yet it is incredibly soft, highly resilient, and long-lasting. SmartGEL is a Visco Elastic foam that is infused with gel. The gel is incorporated into the foam mixture at the molecular level, which allows for 100% homogeneous colling with no breakdown or embedded gel beads.


  • Reduces surface temperature, drawing heat away from the skin.
  • Provides superior comfort and softness.
  • Highly resilient and long-lasting.
  • Higher IFD (Indent Force Deflection and Density).
  • The gel is 100% infused into the foam mixture vs. embedded "gel beads".


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