Ethical Trading Policy

Our Policy Statement

Here at RMS we recognise the potential risks of modern slavery to our business. We use this Ethical Trading Policy to put steps into place to ensure there is no slavery or human suffering within our business and supply chains. This is a transparent policy that will be kept up to date on our company website, with regular reviews taking place.

Our Responsibilities

  • We will take steps to ensure modern slavery and human suffering are not occuring within our supply chains, workforce, or any part of our business.
  • We strongly oppose any use of slavery and fully support open, ethical and lawful business practices.
  • We will not tolerate any suppliers or partners that are found to have caused any form of unneccesary human suffering.
  • We make sure we are always learning, and keeping updated with the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) Guidelines.

Our Supply Chains

Our supply chains are an integral part of our business. We expect all of our suppliers to conduct their business to the same ethical stance that we ourselves take. We expect all our supplies to never use slave labour; to make sure all employment is voluntary; follow local laws on minimum age, wages and benefits; and be able to demonstrate this complience whenever we ask.

Our Workforce

We can confirm that all of our workforce at RMS are here under their own free will; recieve a salary, holiday allowance and benefits that meets the minimum terms set out under UK law; and are able to carry out their work in a safe and supportive workplace without fear of discrimination. We openly invite any of our partners or customers to carry out an independent review into our company ethics at any time.

Our Response

Any claim of modern slavery or human suffering at RMS or within our supply chains will be dealt with the upmost importance. We will support and work with any individual who comes forward with such a claim, and make sure any concerns are dealt with swiftly and decisively.