Keyah Woods

Keyah Woods has fixed curvature of the spine amongst other medical conditions so the aim was to accommodate this as her position and posture cannot be corrected.

Disability Server hypoxic ischaemic - encephalopathy & Global Developmental Delay
Age 9
Weight 26kg
Height Unknown

Keyah Woods - Virtus - Case Study

View the Keyah Woods Case Study with her new Virtus Seating System.

Following a joint assessment with the lead Therapist at Halton WCS in Runcorn it was apparent that the client’s current mobility seating set up was just not working. Parents reported that her home seating which was a Baffin on a hi/lo base accommodated their daughter very well and she was comfortable.


K.W. has fixed curvature of the spine amongst other medical conditions so the aim was to accommodate this as her position and posture cannot be corrected. Moulded seating was not particularly needed, and parents were keen to maintain a slimline system that was also aesthetically pleasing. Trying to replicate a fully adjustable back such as a Baffin was a challenging task but supplying like for like on a mobility base was not possible due to its firm segments and lack of padding when travelling over rough terrain. It was decided that we would try a ‘fixed back’ Virtus seating unit with some modifications to mimic the angle and curve the Baffin was providing.


The existing back width, depth and height were all measured, and a drawing was made giving measurements of the angle of the curve needed. The seat section was also made flat as opposed to our usual contour cushion as this was what the client was used to. The size and depth of the thoracic supports were replicated and the RMS Type K headrest with custom cover was also supplied as it matched the existing set up perfectly. We set the back angle of the Virtus to 95 degrees, allowing the curve to be shaped easier. 


That said, Jack who works in our factory is the real star as he spent a lot of time getting this exactly as needed, even at the last minute, Jordan in our QA department suggested using some curved padding to infill the outer back section making it all look uniform and pleasing on the eye.


I must admit, I had many reservations! This is not something I have done before but I was confident it could be achieved with the right communication to the factory and their expertise... they did not disappoint.


Handover day came and after removing all the old seating (as we were reusing the Ottobock Discovery base), the new Virtus unit was fitted. Mom also said on the day she was nervous about the new seating as it was completely bespoke, and her daughter had not been able to try a demo unit as this was a ‘one off’. Once all fitted and set up, K.W. was transferred into the new seat and all worries were squashed... she was sat absolutely perfect!


Parents were elated to see her sat so well and could not believe how soft yet supportive the back cushion and seat section were. Their private O.T. who was also present expressed her gratitude and was more than happy with the result.


On the day of the handover, parents were going away for the weekend to the Lake District with their daughter and new seating. Their private O.T. happened to visit the Kidz to Adultz show where RMS were exhibiting, and she took the time to speak to me having had feedback from the parents and their weekend away. All was perfect and the new seating system was better than they could ever have expected... RESULT!