Notification of Price Increase

Dear Customer,


Firstly, from the entire team at RMS, we would like to thank you for your continued and valued business throughout 2022.


As most of you know, prices have risen at unprecedented levels over the past 12 months, with official inflation figures at over 10%. Manufacturing our own high quality products here in the UK remains something we are extremely proud of, yet this does mean we have been hit hard in the last year by extreme rises in the cost of raw materials and energy. Despite this hike in prices across our supply chain, we had managed to hold our prices throughout 2022, but as we move into 2023 we will unfortunately have to implement a price increase.


Therefore, we would like to give notification that from 1st February 2023, RMS will be increasing our prices by an average of 7%.


We would like to remind customers this is an average, so we will send out a full itemised price list in the New Year. You will also be able to request new prescriptions forms at this time. If you have received this email and believe it would be important to someone within your organisation, we would ask that you are kindly forward this message on. Should you have any questions or require more assistance please contact our friendly customer services team at


Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2023.


Kind Regards,


Mila Newbold

Communications Manager