Virtus high low powered base: A powered base frame solution for classroom or home use

High-Low Powered Bases (sometimes called Hi-Lo or High-Lo Bases) are highly efficient because they offer a stable foundation to seating systems by using a motor or other mechanism to move users, reducing manual handling, and minimising the risk of falls.


With extra adjustments to the height of the seat, and rear and forward tilt, High-Low Powered bases offer a good solution for basic needs activities; like transferring to a wheelchair or daily activities like eating, reading, or watching television. Watch the video below to see how the powered base works in real time:


The NEW! Virtus High Low Powered Base is a perfect solution to meet the rigorous classroom or home use requirements. This heavy-duty base can lift weight users to 120kg, while it is extremely easy to manoeuvre due to its four independent swivel castor wheels.


What is a high-low powered base?

A high-low powered base is a type of base that can be used to adjust the height and angle of a seating interface. Typically, the base is connected to a seat or other interface that is designed to support the individual's body. The base itself is powered by a motor or other mechanism that allows it to move up and down, forward, and back, or side to side.


The Virtus high-low powered base offers a good solution for matching the main configurations to be switched in and off in just a few seconds to best suits users’ needs. It comes with a straightforward controller easy to be manipulated and the product itself is intended made to be a handy solution for carers and users.


Features as a good option from the UK market

With both forward and rear tilt of 30º of forward and back power tilt, the Virtus High Low base offers a good foundation for seating systems like the Virtus Seating System and Caddy Seating System; and, for Third party seating! This is why is a good flexible solution for classroom or home use. Battery life is another highlight of the product, easily working up to 50 powered lifts per charge!


·         Enhance safety during daily activities.

·         Easy to use.

·         Enhance comfort.

·         Minimises impact and risk of falling.

·         British-made

·         Crashed tested.


FAQ: Can the Virtus High-Low Powered base be used outdoors?

Even though the seating once attached simulates a wheelchair, the Virtus High Low powered base is not intended made to be used as a powered wheelchair, or as an electric mobility system. The product has been designed and intended only to be used indoor environments.


 Luckily our Virtus Seating System can be interfaced to both indoor and outdoor bases using the same seat! Saving money and saving time for when you want to go outdoors.