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The Mini Standy is a vertical standing frame developed for children that offers a safe and comfortable postural support while standing.

The Mini Standy is a stabilising standing frame for children and teenagers who require support to independently maintain an upright standing position through the use of ankle, thoracic and pelvic. 


  • Promotes peristalsis, digestion, and intestinal functions.
  • Standing can increase bone density and strength.
  • Makes users feel connected to their environment.
  • Helps the user in social and physical situations.
  • Available in three sizes with chest and pelvic support.
  • Makes therapy sessions more fun for the user.
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Mini Standy

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Size 1 - Mini
Size 2 - Small
Size 3 - Medium

MINI 60 cm 74 - 86 cm 49 - 77 cm 64 cm 14 - 26 cm 41 - 55 cm 53 - 72 cm 60 cm 18 cm
SMALL 70 cm 78 - 90 cm 59 - 87 cm 65 cm 14 - 32 cm 52 - 68 cm 67 - 94 cm 65 cm 22 cm
MEDIUM 80 cm 83 - 95 cm 69 - 100 cm 70 cm 14 - 42 cm 62 - 86 cm 82 - 110 cm 70 cm 29 cm

Your Daily Support:

The Mini Standy is a vertical stander for children that ensures excellent verticalization. Its versatility and ease of adjustment render the Mini Standy a safe and comfortable postural support designed to offer the child considerable psycho-physical advantages:

  • Facilitation of the peristalsis, digestions and intestinal functions.
  • Muscle and bone strengthening.
  • Development of social skills.

A Change in Perspective:

The standing position is essential for the interaction with the physical and social environment, especially for children. The Mini Standy facilitates orthostatic stabilization in the most diverse situations, contributing to the enhancement of personal autonomy in many therapeutic and daily activities. It helps all those processes useful for proper psycho-physical development, opening up access to more educational and relational opportunities. For example, the possibility for the child to play with friends, complete eye contact and manual coordination exercises, experiment with manipulation activities and do homework in a safe and engaging way.


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