5 Reasons To Try The NXT Backrest Range

RMS has put a summarised list as to why you should try the NXT Backrest Range.

With so many backrest options available on the market, RMS have put together a quick 5-step guide to why the NXT backrest range could be the perfect choice for you!

1. Postural Management:

The NXT range provides a wide variety of adjustments, from the Xtend's height adjustment to the Armadillo's 70° of posterior/ anterior movement.

2. Extremely Easy to Fit:

Our NXT backrest come with easy-mounting brackets, making the installation process quick, simple, and compatible with a wide range of wheelchair bases.

3. Paediatric to Large Adult Sizes:

With a range of sizes available, the NXT backrest can easily accommodate children right up to large adults - including a high 181kg weight limit!

4. Competitively Priced Option:

We have made sure our NXT backrests are extremely well priced, making them a more cost effective option than many other comparable products on the market.

5. Price Include All FIttings:

Unlike many other backrests on the market – the NXT range includes everything you need for fitting – the price advertised is the price you pay!

If this list has peaked your interest. visit the product pages below for more information and to book in a product demonstration with one of the RMS prodcut specialists!