New! The new Ormesa range of products lands in the RMS catalogue!


A new range of products by Ormesa Italy has been added to the RMS catalogue when looking for lightweight seats for optimal posture. Matching most unique needs thanks to the internationally patented system, the new Grillo seats follow the same purpose as the successful Grillo walker.

Grillo adaptive seating and Grillo class chair

The Ormesa Grillo now has two seating available to match unique needs. The Grillo adaptive seating is a fully adjustable ergonomic system to support users requiring more support assistance. The seat, backseat and height are adjustable to offer comfort to maintain the user still positioned in many different situations the user’s lifestyle may require!

Grillo adaptive seatingGrillo adaptive seating

The height of the seating can be easily adjusted without removing the user, thanks to the gas-spring-operated patented internationally, turning the product into a very handy option.


The Grillo class chair is a very lightweight, simple chair to be used either at home or taken to the classroom. Also, a fully smart system with an extendable seat so children can use it long term periods once growing up.