Sectors we work with

Since its founding as a company over 40 years ago – RMS have worked with a wide array of companies and businesses, adapting in a way that gets you the best products at the best price.

This flexibility means we have a range of Product Specialist who can advise you depending on what products and services you require. Simply click here to view our Interactive Map and find your local representative!

Working with the NHS

RMS have been working with the NHS since the early days of the business. Based in Kent, we initially offered repair and rehab engineering services to local hospitals. You can read more about that on the ‘Our History’ page. As the business then evolved over time we have learnt to work with nationwide Wheelchair Service Departments to provide a wide array of Specialist Seating, Buggies, Accessories, Component Parts and Mobility Services at an affordable price.

Working with Schools and CDCs

The introduction of paediatric products into our range is a fairly new addition, but with our history with mobility buggies we knew we were perfectly placed to help our clients in the best way. For this reason a Schools and Child Development Centre division was creating supplying a wide range of Walkers, Classroom Seating, Standing Frames and Tricycles. This part of our business model has seen amazing growth in the last few years and we would love to help your school get the mobility aids they need.

Working with Trade Customers

The journey of growth for any company is in understanding sectors of the market they maybe haven’t engaged with and deciding to do better. This was the driving force behind RMS building a new website that allows trade customers to log in and place their orders simply and easily online, whilst also providing exclusive discounts. If you are interested in applying for a trade account you can fill out this form to be put in touch with one of our regional Product Specialists.

Working with Individuals

Working with our end users is often the most satisfying part of our day. The smile when a child takes their first ever steps in the Grillo Walker, or the laughter while they ride up and down the street on their brand new shiny Tricycle is unmatched. We enjoy working with you – as a user or a carer – to get the replacement parts, accessories or mobility equipment you need in the shortest time frame possible. Making our customers happy is what makes us happy!