How walkers can support and improve the body’s natural systems

Walkers are specialised mobility aids that provide support and assistance to people who have difficulty maintaining proper posture or balance while walking. These products, when prescribed by a healthcare professional, can be incredibly helpful for individuals on a daily basis, especially for those who struggle with walking safely and comfortably.


At RMS we supply predominantly two types of walkers - Posture Control Walkers and Gait Trainer Walkers - with a range of distinct and separate benefits to both types of system.


What is the difference between a Posture Control Walker and a Gait Trainer Walker?


There is one similarity to these products - both types of walkers aim to provide additional support and stability to individuals who have difficulty maintaining proper posture while walking. These walkers are designed to most often provide support to the upper body, including the chest, shoulders, and arms, while the individual walks.


A Posture Control Walker focuses mainly on this upper body area, providing those who already have a degree of basic walking function with a stable support base. The user can then use their arms and hands to carry some of their body weight, meaning their posture is supported in an upright position and stepping forward is easier. Perfect examples of our Posture Control Walkers include the popular Kaye Walker and Walkstar products.


A Gait Trainer Walker is a more advanced piece of equipment. They typically feature adjustable straps or harnesses that support the user's body weight, meaning even if they have no walking ability they can still stand in the product. There are then a variety of accessories that can be attached to the trunk, hip, knee, and ankle areas to promote a healthy ‘stepping forward’ trained gait, building ability and strength over a period of time. The Gait Trainers we can provide are the market-leading Grillo Gait Trainer and Dynamico Walker products.



Benefits to the body’s natural functions

By providing additional support to the upper body, Walkers in general help to distribute weight more evenly and reduce the strain on the lower body.


They also help to improve balance, stability and endurance, which can be especially important for individuals who are at a higher risk of falling or who have difficulty maintaining their balance while walking.


All of our walkers feature adjustable height settings and can be customized to fit any individual user's specific needs. This allows for a more comfortable and personalised experience, which can help encourage regular use and promote better mobility over time.


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